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14 thematic birthday rooms

Birthday celebrations will never be boring again!  Eat your cake and celebrate in a private party room, and then enjoy entire Adventica park activities. It is so much fun that you may come without kids. We'll understand.

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Our party rooms

In ADVENTICA park we have built 14 birthday rooms of different sizes. They can be celebrated both in small and large groups. All rooms are decorated according to themes such as animals, princesses, space, diners etc.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Before booking a birthday party room, please read the following information.


A birthday price includes a birthday room price (depending on a size and day / time of the planned birthday party); a number of children (if it increases the agreed one, an additional fee applies); ordered treats, refreshments and additional services); a downpayment. All prices are given in the ADVENTICA pricelist. Please note that it is possible to spend more time in the birthday room but only if it is vacant for such additional time. The extension prices for each extra hour: 50 Eur on week days, 75 Eur at weekends and on state holidays.

The hero or heroine of the day got sick unexpectedly? No worries, contact us and get assistance in changing the date. Please understand that last minute changes cannot be refunded.


Birthday parties can be arranged on available time slots. The availability depends on the type of the room and the date of the party. Please find a suitable room and check the prices in the party room booking system


Your birthday party can continue for 2.5 hours, including the time for cleaning the room. One exception – the time slot on Saturday from 19:30 to 21:30, only 2 h totally. By the way, the birthday rooms cost less then!

You can start preparing the room for the big celebration 15 minutes before the booked time and “check out” should be done immediately after the party time is over; however, you can continue playing in the entertainment park ADVENTICA for as long as you wish! In case the room is vacant for next time slot, you can stay longer for an additional fee – 50 Eur/h on week days, 75 Eur/h at weekends and state holidays. In case the room is booked and “check out” is delayed, the security deposit is retained. 


We offer four sizes of the rooms: small (for 10 children), medium (for 15 children), large (for 20 children) and maxi (for 25 children). More about the ADVENTICA birthday rooms.


You can register and pay for a birthday party on the ADVENTICA website or you can call us or make reservation at the ADVENTICA reception.

It is suggested to arrive a bit in advance, around 15 min before the party starts. At our reception, we will check your order, make any adjustments if required (e.g. fewer or more guests, treats and refreshments need to be ordered etc.), provide you with bracelets and show to your birthday room. 


When leaving the birthday room, it should be clean and tidy. We will take care of garbage bags. It is strictly forbidden to light table fireworks, sparklers or any other flammables. Birthday candles is the only exception. It is also forbidden to bring and /or consume alcohol in the park. Anyone breaking this rule will be liable to pay 100 eur fine.


By celebrating your birthday in the birthday room at ADVENTICA theme park, you are obliged to respect the following rules:
-Leave the room on time, tidy and clean.
-No alcohol consumption, no alcohol brought in, and stay sober. Carrying or consuming alcohol inside the theme park is strictly PROHIBITED.
-No use of cold fires, confetti, fountain candles, or other explosive or flammable devices. Exception - birthday candles. 
-In case of violation of the rules and suspicion of staff, we have full right to check the room.
-A violation of the above rules is subject to a fine of EUR 100.


Each child attending the birthday party is allowed to come with two adults without any additional fee. When the number of adult guests is twice the number of children, “additional” adults shall be rated and pay the companion’s price – 3 Eur per person.


You think a show of animators created for ADVENTICA would be a great surprise of the birthday girl or boy? Go for it! Contact Gyvi Žaislai! Email them or call +37067485223.

Please note that due to safety reasons we cannot invite other animators. Please email us to discuss exceptions. 


A birthday party without a cake and sweets? No way! Please bring your food to the party in ADVENTICA or order here in advance (please find the birthday menu - sorry, in Lithuanian for now) or at arrival. 


A table and chairs. A kettle to boil water and a vase for flowers. If required, we will lend you a knife to cut the cake or matches to light cake candles. Please be sure to bring disposable cups, plates and cutlery, too. 


Birthday heroes and heroines can prepared invitations and messages of thanks using our ADVENTICA templates. Moreover, nice presents for your guests can be found in the park – just tell us. 


It is forbidden to wear shoes or play barefoot in ADVENTICA. We suggest wearing socks with a rubber sole socks. Proper socks are available in the park as well. Those who prefer staying in their shoes in the space of ADVENTICA will be provided with shoe protectors. Caution, still! No entrance to entertainment equipment is allowed in shoe protectors.  Additionally, we suggest taking care of comfortable outfit: a perfect choice would be sportswear for free movement. And in the trampoline area, it is necessary to cover as much of the body as possible – to wear a long sleeved T-shirt and long trousers. 

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