Animator services in ADVENTICA entertainment park

Want to entertain your birthday guests with an animation programme? Our partners Gyvi Žaislai (en: Live Toys) have an endless range of offers for you. The animators will create the programme according to your preferences using the activities described below. If you decide to book an animator or would like to check the details, please send them an email or call them. Their activities are specially tailored to ADVENTICA Park. Unfortunately, we cannot accept other animators for security reasons.

Animator conditions:

  • For prices, see the Live Toys page.
  • 1 animator works with groups of up to 12 children. For more children it is necessary to invite a second character.
  • Customers celebrating birthdays usually choose a 60-minute programme.
  • The character arrives 30 minutes after all the guests have gathered.
  • Choose the activities you are interested in and Gyvi Žaislai will prepare a programme for you.

Main activities:

  • Cake ceremony, where the character brings the child a cake with burning candles to blow up when the child makes a wish. And taking a photo together. ( up to 10 minutes)
  • Dance. Once the dances have been chosen, we will send you a music playlist, which you should either add to or delete the songs that your child doesn't like or know. (15 min.)
  • Folding long balloons. We will be able to make a variety of balloon figures for the participants. (15 min.)
  • Drawing faces. Participants will be able to choose who they want to be. (15-20 min.)
  • Hair beautification. We will colour your hair with special coloured hairsprays. (15 min.)
  • Tattoos. The children will be able to choose their tattoos and we will help them to get them. (15 min)
  • Make-up and manicure. Each girl will be able to have her nails painted and polished. (15 min.)
  • Team games - races, hide and seek, chases, sports activities together. Games with our props. (20 min.)
  • Thematic games related to space, solar system, stars, astronauts. We suggest this for interested children in space. (20 min.)
  • Large puzzles. Bring 1 - 2 large puzzles. (10 min.)
  • Dinosaur themed games. We offer a choice if your child likes it. (30 min.)
  • Treasure hunt. The party organiser takes care of the treasure and we take care of the treasure hunt programme.
  • Relay races, competitions. We divide the children into teams and do different relay races, we can also involve the parents. (15 min.)
  • Cosmic bear greeting (up to 30 min)

Extra activities:

  • Dry ice lab. Science experiments with dry ice (30 min - 100 Eur)
  • Photography services (1 h - from 70 Eur)
  • Electronic invitation layout according to your needs (for birthdays, christenings) (10 Eur.)

Reservations can be made in one of the following ways:

  • By filling in the Gyvi Žaislai online booking form. When marking the location, write Adventica and the name of the room where you will celebrate.
  • By calling or emailing the Gyvi Žaislai animators

Some photos with the Gyvi Žaislai animators in Adventica Park:

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