Birthday invitations

Here you can create a colorful birthday invitation and share it with your birthday guests. In the fields below, please enter your birthday, time, your name (or anniversary name), and a phone number where guests can contact. Click the "Generate" button and an image with the jpg extension will be sent to your computer. You can print it or share it electronically. If you made a mistake or want to enter other data - just enter it and click "Generate" again.

We do not store the data entered in this form, it is deleted as soon as you generate the invitation. Please note that the invitations for now are in Lithuanian language only. If you urgently need an English version, please contact us by email.

Want to print and write with your own hand? Download blank ADVENTICA birthday invitation templates in PDF format:

Adventica gimtadienio kvietimas - žalsvas Adventica gimtadienio kvietimas - rožinis
Classic (PDF) Pink (PDF)

Name of the invited person
(application form)
Birthday date
Birthday time
Invites (contact name)
Contact phone
Contact email
Date by which to announce or participate

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