PILDYK adventures in ADVENTICA park

One night we accidentally left the ADVENTICA gate open ...

Well, the PILDYK visited us again.

In his latest video, Gretasweet has invited Pildyk YouTubers - Talžūnas, Aqva, Stimomedia and Wind - to the ADVENTICA family theme park. But Greta wouldn't be Greta if she hadn't come up with a challenge - instead of jumping on trampolines, getting hot, climbing and just having fun as people, they tested WIPE-OUT ELIMINATOR.

What is that eliminator? You may have heard its English name - WIPE OUT. It is a huge, 7 meter diameter trampoline with 2 rotating booms. Pildyk YouTubers stopped on special turrets, booms began to spin, and the task was to avoid them. Bending, lying down, dancing - everyone could do what they want, it is important to get out of the tower and not let go of the cut. How they did it and which of the Pildyk YouTubers has the best reaction and you will see in this video.

Have you tried our wipe-out eliminator?


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