Wipe-out eliminator

In the experience and play space of the family entertainment park ADVENTICA, we have an enormous 7 meters in diameter inflatable trampoline, known to many as WIPE OUT, and we simply call it WIPE-OUT ELIMINATOR. This is one of the places attracting most participants and spectators, where you can see queues of children and grownups impatiently waiting. It‘s a great chance to challenge yourself with moving, jumping and bending. Participants stand on special towers, the spinning device is on and an action begins. Participants have to react quickly: to jump or bend down for two soft levers didn’t wipe them out. It is not so simple to stay on the towers, but no worries – falling on air bags is safe and fun. Moreover, participants are protected by 1.5 m high inflatable barriers. Six people can play and compete in the eliminator simultaneously, and who becomes a winner you will know when try it out! More excitement and support is guaranteed from spectators: friends, family and even strangers! This attraction is designed for adults and children from 1.22 meters tall. 

The Eliminator seems a bit scary to your children? Please take a look at other options in our park for little ones.

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