Do children and adults need to wear respirators?

Do children and adults need to wear respirators?

You ask, we answer. According to a clarification by Loreta Ašoklienė, Head of the Health Promotion Division of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (SAM), personal celebrations are NOT considered to be events, so wearing respirators is only RECOMMENDED.

All visitors of ADVENTICA Family Amusement Park are invited to responsibly protect their own health and the health of others:

  • do not visit public areas if you experience symptoms typical of COVID19
  • if you are healthy, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and disinfect them regularly
  • observe coughing/sneezing etiquette
  • avoid crowding
  • If, in the run-up to your birthday, you find that you are unable to celebrate for health reasons, be sure to write to us. We will find the best solution together.


We invite everyone to be healthy and those who are sick - a speedy recovery!


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