Win a birthday party!

Remember when we opened the ADVENTICA 2020 family amusement park? How we were caught off guard by the first wave of quarantine and restrictions? Do you remember how hard it was to wait? Time just froze, stood still... Then the second wave hit and now it's like that again... When already, when?... Back then, neither I, the park's founder, Daddy Jurgis, nor you knew. Nobody knew. But all the hardships are over and (holding the skewers and whatever other combinations of fingers you want to use) you can frolic and play sports without restrictions for the rest of your life. At the same time, we want to give you an extra holiday every now and then. Yes, just register by clicking the link below and who knows - maybe you'll get to celebrate Adventica with a whole bunch of kids for free! After all, EVERYTHING IS A GAME!



1. You need to register by filling in the Birthday Party Raffle form and confirm your registration by replying to the email that will arrive in your inbox. 

2. From time to time, we'll draw a birthday party winner and announce on Adventica facebook page. The winner will also be contacted using the contact details provided during registration.

3. Those who have previously filled in the form and confirmed their participation in the lottery do not need to register a second time. You are also participating in the lottery.

The earlier you register, the more chances you have to win, as you will be part of the random selection of all winners!

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