Where is Adventica park located?

From time to time, we receive all kinds of stories about your adventures in the search for the ADVENTICA amusement park in the OZAS shopping and entertainment centre.

A few tips for those who haven't been here before:

  • We are located on the -1B floor of the Mall OZAS. You can drive your car right up to it - stay on the same floor when you enter the car park
  • If you are in the shopping centre, we are located under Maxima, Sportland and Reserved stores.
  • If you happen to be looking for Adventica on the third floor somewhere near the Multikino cinema, then you need to get to the opposite side of the mall and find yourself at the very bottom of the Mall. There are 2 ways to do this: take the travellators down from the Multikino, straight across the length of the mall, and then take the travellator down again, until you reach the "bottom" and the travellator is no longer willing to take you any lower. The other way is to take the elevator down to floor -1 and then walk across the car park to entrance -1B.
  • And yet we are online: www.adventica.lt. But you've already found us here ;)
  • If you need help, you can call Adventica on +370 601 58545. We don't always answer promptly, but we always call back.

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