Unicorn Birthday Room

As you all know, and as we have said many times ourselves, the ADVENTICA family theme park has 14 birthday rooms. They vary in size and themes. Some of the rooms are closest to the indoor playground and small trampolines, others are right next to the largest single inflatable trampoline in the Baltics.

For a long time, there were actually only 13 birthday rooms in ADVENTICA Park and we were getting worried about this. Finally, the secret was out - we had temporarily installed an interactive game closest to the trampoline. The children loved it so much that we delayed with the new birthday room. 

And now we can tell the secret - ADVENTICA Park has a new, Unicorn birthday room.

The unicorn is a mythological creature from different nations, depicted as a white horse with a long, pointed horn sticking out of its forehead. In popular culture, it is a character in cartoons and serials, first appearing in Charlie Dodgson's 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland.

Unicorns and their friends, big and small, are born, grow up and celebrate in the Unicorn Birthday Room. Colourful and bright, lively and inviting to play. Here you can imagine everything unicorns care about: their loyal unicorn friends, the ponies, everyone's favourite colourful cupcakes, rainbows, lights, garlands and glitter, butterflies, buttercups, fairies, fairy lights, flowers, hearts and pom-poms.

The Unicorn Room is closest to our big inflatable trampoline, in front of the interactive play area. To see the room and to view photos, click here - Unicorn Birthday Room. This room is already available in the booking system. Available for booking!


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