The Amazing Maurice - a movie for entire family

Attention trailer and premiere!

It's time to mark a special date in your calendar - 30 December. That's when the Lithuanian dubbed animated adventure film for the whole family "Miauricius the Magnificent" starts screening in Lithuania

Maurice the cat, affectionately known as Miauricius by his friends, is an extremely clever stray cat. But he is always figuring out how to sweeten his life, and most of the time, others do it for him. And so it was in our fairy tale, in which Maurice the Magnificent set out to save the city from rats. The plan was simple: the prize of the saved town goes to the cat, and the "black work" is done by a gullible boy. But things take a turn for the worse, and instead of a simple job, we get an adventurous story that will enchant both children and their parents.

Terry Pratchett's Miaurice the Magnificent is immensely popular around the world. The author has sold more than 100 000 000 copies of his books. Finally, Lithuania's little rascals will have the opportunity to get to know this lovable puffball. Why does this cat need shoes when he is already GREAT! Miauricius the Magnificent opens in all Lithuanian cinemas from 30 December 2022.

See you in the cinemas! Excerpts from the animated film in the video:


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