Swimming pool in Vilnius

A new swimming swimming pool "Swimming Family" has been opened in Vilnius, on the -1B floor of the shopping and entertainment center "OZAS", directly in front of the family amusement park ADVENTICA. Dad Jurgis and the whole ADVENTICA family watched the construction of this pool from the very first moments and always supported the new future neighbors. How fun it is to finally have a brand new pool OPEN!

On that occasion, at the end of the great worries, we sat down together and discussed the issues of the pool. Good reading!

DAD JURGIS: "Why teach kids to swim? Haven't you found any easier activities?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "And why not? .Without having our own pool, we have taught more than 3,000 children to swim.Is it hard to work with children? Really so, but visible results, overcoming children's fears, burning eyes, redeeming all difficulties and encouraging not to stop. We touch every child, "In terms of statistics, it is sad compared to Western countries, Lithuania is still the leader in Europe in terms of the number of drowning people, so we always say that every child must learn to swim."

DAD JURGIS: "You have been running children's swimming activities on behalf of the Swimming Family since 2014. Can you tell us briefly how things went historically?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "From 2014 to 2020, the Swimming Family was active in the swimming pools in Vilnius. and we didn't know if the lease would be renewed for the new season.

DAD JURGIS: "How was the idea to build your own pool?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "It all started with a DREAM. The dream turned into a GOAL. We turned the goal into a PLAN.

DAD JURGIS: "Why PPC OZAS? After all, it's a very non-standard solution?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "Usually non-standard solutions are the best, and if we openly evaluate all possible options. We chose Oz because of the good location and the responsible attitude of the entertainment and shopping center to this project, and participation in it."

DAD JURGIS: "Finally it's here. New training to swim in the pool PPC OZAS. Can you describe in a few sentences what it's like?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "The pool is fully adapted for swimming from 3 years old to senior. We have 3 different pools in the room, a 12.5 m deepening pool for children from 3 to 4 years old. heating system that maintains a higher temperature of 30 C. Children 5 - 10 years old learn to swim in a 4-lane deepening 25 m pool with a depth of 120 cm to 150 cm Children 11 years old, athletes and adults, swim 3 lanes 25 m long, 150 cm The water is additionally disinfected with the help of ultraviolet lamps, thus maintaining a minimum amount of chlorine in the water.We have as many as 37 showers, separate family showers, changing cabins that avoid inconvenience when parents melt underage children of the opposite sex. sharp corners are minimized indoors, impressive number of hair dryers Automated access control system - access like home?"

DAD JURGIS: "The new academic year is about to begin. Let's hope differently than last year ... What do you expect? What are your expectations?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "We really hope that activities will not be curtailed by Covid-19, we did a lot during the first quarantine and proved to the Government that pool activities are one of the safest mediums. and we look forward to seeing it throughout the year. We’ve been working actively to fill the groups, so we expect full groups, twinkling children’s eyes, an engaging team, responsible parents, and thousands of children taught to swim, and adults. ”

DAD JURGIS: "Maybe there are thoughts about the second, about the third pool?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "We have not only thoughts, but also a clear plan. Are you sure you will see the swimming family brand in other objects?"

DAD JURGIS: "What do children and parents need to know when they are at the water? What are the basic rules for safe behavior in the water?"

SWIMMING FAMILY: "First of all, let's be responsible and protect ourselves. If you spend time in nature, in an unfamiliar place, first assess the water body, how deep it deepens, its bottom. Do not overestimate your possibilities. Do not lose sight of your offspring, use tools so that you feel safe in the water. Come and learn to swim in the pool, here competent swimming coaches will help you to develop swimming skills for both children and adults. "

DAD JURGIS: "Well, to the end. You see hundreds of children every day, thousands a month. Who are they, those modern kids and their parents? .."

SWIMMING FAMILY: "No matter how banal it sounds, it's different. It's no secret that the quarantine period has affected us each in one way or another. Parents are tired of combining many tasks at once.The biggest challenge is to meet everyone's expectations, some parents bring children just to have fun in the pool, others want the child to improve quickly and swim, for example, without measures, others want to achieve sports results , well, and we try to live up to those expectations in reality. "

On behalf of the ADVENTICA family amusement park, we wish our friends SWIMMING FAMILY the greatest success!


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