Special preventive measures for your peace of mind

The safety and health of ADVENTICA Family Amusement Park visitors is our priority. In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, we are taking both necessary and voluntary additional preventive measures:

  • We remind you that the ventilation system in ADVENTICA Park is 2.5 times more powerful than required. This ensures that all the indoor air in the amusement park is exchanged for fresh, fresh air within one hour
  • periodic cleaning and disinfection of all commonly touched surfaces
  • ADVENTICA has information posters everywhere in the park encouraging the wearing of masks, with audible reminders every half hour
  • all toilets have hot water and liquid soap for hand hygiene
  • disinfectant liquid for adults and children is available at the reception, cafeteria and other areas
  • medical masks are worn at all times by park staff and periodic health checks are carried out according to a separate plan

Special safety measures are required for special situations. At the height of the COVID epidemic, we voluntarily disinfected the ADVENTICA Family Amusement Park with fog generators. This is an effective method against a group of enveloped (lipophilic) viruses, which includes the SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) virus. A special chemical mixture in the form of a smoke blast is sprayed with a mist generator in a closed room. Depending on the layout, volume and area of the room, all rooms are completely filled with the emitted mist. After 90 minutes, the aerosol sprayed by the generator settles on horizontal surfaces, is fully dispersed and is evenly spread over all surfaces. In our case, this disinfection was carried out overnight. At night, after the disinfection, the ADVENTICA family amusement park was well ventilated.

We are delighted that both individual park visitors and birthday guests will have the opportunity to celebrate, have fun and frolic in a space that is ideally protected from potential viruses. We watched the fogging process from a safe distance and just managed to capture some interesting shots as the entire premises were then immersed in fog. Watch the impressive shot of the fog generator!

We will continue to lead by example by taking voluntary additional preventive measures to avoid the emergence or spread of the virus. We encourage all park visitors to behave responsibly and not to visit attractions if they have been exposed to persons with COVID-19 or if they are experiencing symptoms of illness. Let's protect ourselves and others!

We would also like to remind you that ADVENTICA operates in the excellent shopping and entertainment centre Ozas, which was the first in the Baltic States to obtain the international COVID-19 compliant certificate, which confirms that adequate preparations have been made to manage the risks of coronavirus transmission. Find out more about the measures PPC Ozas is taking to ensure cleanliness, tidiness and safety in this Facebook post.



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