New markets & ideas at MAPIC 2022

ADVENTICA explores new markets and ideas at MAPIC 2022

As ADVENTICA grows, so its ambitions. Our parks in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia) are running with minimal supervision and at full speed. So, we wish to expand our horizons by doing it again once more: designing, building and setting up a team to operate a new ADVENTICA park. Or maybe two or more. Where will that next park be? How will it look? What new ideas will it embrace? We went to MAPIC 2022 for help us find those answers.

There we saw that we are on a right path in our thinking and doing. ADVENTICA has a mix of skills, experiences and a track record to help shopping malls to provide the next generation indoor leisure park. And not only that! We have felt that we have much to put on the table. We can help indoor and outdoor spaces to activate their short-term vacancies with various pop-up solutions that we either own or can build, and, for sure, to operate. 

Uncertain economic times put new pressures on spaces. Leisure concepts are evolving for more experiential and mixed solutions. But there are certain constants in this world. Everybody likes those who deliver. A talk is talk but overcoming all obstacles including “mundane” aspects of operational excellence, is what usually makes or breaks a project. And then there is money. Businesses operate to make a profit or as it is fashionable to say nowadays: “to be sustainable businesses”. However, sometimes pressure to grow into a “unicorn” overlooks the risks that can break the backbones of businesses and throw them of the “proficorn” path.

If any of these thoughts resonate with you, let us know! We love to hear from property owners, project managers, commercial space agents, other leisure operators. Remember, everything is a game, so have fun in whatever you do!

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