Lithuanian history lesson for children

    An idea for a short but interesting visual lesson for children about an episode in the history of Lithuania. Subject "book smugglers". You will need half an hour to watch drama "Book Smugglers" by director Jonas Trukanas, and the some time to discuss the film with children.

    "The Book Smugglers" premiered on March 19, 2011 at the "Cinema Spring" festival. After a run in movie theaters, the film was realeased for free online.

    The story line: 1869 Lithuania is part of Imperial Russia. Lithuanian language press is banned, but repressions are receiving an unexpected response - Lithuanian schools are spreading all over Lithuania in secret, and book smugglers appear and start to distribute books in Lithuanian language. Although a large part of the society is still indifferent to this, the ranks of book smugglers keep growing ...

    Enjoy the show!


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