IAAPA 2023 - impressions

This year, like last year, the founder of the ADVENTICA family entertainment center (FEC), father Jurgis, went to the IAAPA Expo 2023, the largest amusement equipment exhibition in Europe. This year's big show took place in Vienna, Austria. What is it about this exhibition that is interesting for us, ADVENTICA park?

First of all, it brings together a large number of amusement and attraction manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world: Austrians, Italians, Spanish, French, Americans, British, Dutch, Ukrainians, Chinese, Indians, Bulgarians... You can't name them all. For four days, the Vienna Exhibition Hall became a kind of entertainment capital with more than 17,000 square metres of attractions and equipment. Everything can be tried, felt, consulted, tested. You can even order on the spot. For example, do you want a water park, slides or carousels? A giant playground for children on the water? No problem, take a seat. Want huge mechanical rides? The fastest, scariest, longest, curviest slides? Please, right here on site.

Driven by a passion for attractions and entertainment, IAAPA Expo 2023 offers the sights, smells, tastes, sensations and experiences of the entertainment world.  Professionals from the world's most respected theme parks, family entertainment centres, zoos, aquariums, museums, science centres and attractions come to see how innovations are being made, talk to leaders and learn about new products. From water fountains for urban spaces to artificial or real ice skating rinks, there's everything here. From socks and electronic wristbands, to virtual reality or a full go-kart track. From food and snack ideas, to crockery and bottling equipment.

Whenever possible, we always participate in these exhibitions because we want you, the dear visitors of the ADVENTICA family entertainment center, to enjoy the very latest innovations in entertainment and attractions. We follow the latest trends, we communicate with manufacturers of amusement equipment, with our friends - suppliers, we look for innovations, we discuss and negotiate new attractions.

This year's IAAPA Expo 2023 featured more than 600 exhibitors. There are escape rooms, treasure hunting solutions and horror rooms. There's bowling, curling, roller skating and traditional ice skating. There are animators, there are costumes, there are soap and smoke machines, there are carousels, there are trains, there are festive shopping solutions. Huge solutions for dinosaur parks, light and sound festivals. All in one place.

IAAPA also focuses on the education and training of its members. This year, the whole day was dedicated to various lectures, sharing experiences, innovations, tips on how to delight and involve children, what is important to them. 

We come back full of new impressions, with a suitcase full of brochures, catalogues, USB sticks with entertainment presentations, gifts from partners and souvenirs from the fair. We look forward to the next generation! And what about father Jurgis? Thoughtful as ever. What's new to offer children and families in ADVENTICA parks?..


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