Holidays. What to do?

A joy for the children, a headache for the parents:

  • Where to put the children?
  • How to "unload" their excess energy?
  • How to entertain them if we parents have to work?

The answer is the ADVENTICA family entertainment center (FEC). Soon we will have to rename the parents' lounge area to the parents' work area. Kids frolic, parents work.

At ADVENTICA Family Fun Park you will find:

  • seating in the parents' area, at the food island or in the seating areas
  • an electrical outlet near you for charging your computer or phone
  • free and very convenient undercover parking on the 1st floor of PPC OZAS -1B
  • free Wi-Fi
  • delicious coffee, milkshakes or tasty snacks for yourself and the kids.

Work and play are compatible, after all.


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