Happy Science and Knowledge Day 2023!

Since the year 1984, September 1st has been celebrated as Science and Knowledge Day. It marks the beginning of the school year in all educational institutions in Lithuania and Latvia: kindergartens, schools, colleges & universities.

On this day, pupils, especially first-graders, greet teachers with flowers (one of the most popular is the cardinal flower).

After the official start of the school year at educational institutions, many families go out for fun - visiting cafés, cinemas and amusement parks.

ADVENTICA family amusement parks in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia) every year are preparing for this day with great responsibility and creativity. We are preparing a lot of entertainment for our visitors, programmes with animators, prizes, surprises, gifts, shows and concerts. And, of course, we decorate the parks to make it a celebration for us all.

Happy Science and Knowledge Day!


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