Family card discounts in the ADVENTICA park

In the ADVENTICA entertainment park, there are two key words: game and family. Our wish is to have as many visitors as possible playing here and having an amazing time.

We understand that active entertainment is not always affordable for big families, therefore we invite holders of family cards to come to see us and use special FAMILY CARD discounts (please have a document to verify the card holder’s identity):

  • 15% discount for 1-hour ticket  (7.65 Eur instead of 9 Eur)
  • 25% discount for 2-hours ticket (9.0 Eur instead of 12 Eur)
  • 40% discount for a daily ticket  (9.0 Eur instead of 15 Eur)
  • 20 Eur discount for birthday reservations (available at checkout)
  • The discount does not apply to the accompanying person's ticket. Its price is EUR 3

Family cards can be virtual as well! A virtual card is the same as a physical one. It shows all the information contained in the plastic card (names, surnames, expiry date, barcode). Every time the card holder clicks “Pay”, the card validity is checked. If it is valid, a QR code is generated and scanned to apply a discount. In the app, based on the location of the card holder’s device, there are displayed the closest partners offering privileges.

You won’t have to wait for the card for 30 days, and each member of your family can have it in their devices. Please read more on the project website.!

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