Can we save energy?

As everyone within an entertainment industry and beyond ADVENTICA family entertainment centers face the challenge of high energy prices. Energy price increase 2x, 3x, 4x and more made energy consumption considerations to the highest priority level.
Despite there are quite limited tools to freeze fixed electricity prices for business we had an opportunity to reflect on our energy consumption.
Being a chain of indoor family entertainment centers we are just like a typical manufacturing company with more or less stable energy consumption during the day (peak hours). If we can't cut the prices down, let's focus on consumption. Do we have a potential to save energy?
The whole organization and all staff was involved. Increased consciousness of energy consumption, energy consumption audit, mitigation initiatives. We went through all we could.

And this is the result you can see. -30% of monthly energy consumption. Every kWh matters!

P.S. and YES, we use 100% renewable energy.


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