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Did you know that hundreds of birthdays take place every month at the ADVENTICA family theme park? That is, an average of  over 10 parties per day. Birthday rooms don’t just celebrate regular birthdays. Imagine - in one large game room, many participants and guests for birthdays, christenings, name days, graduations, receptions and other occasions. We decided to share tips every day, receiving a lot of feedback about the holidays that took place.

Birthday room theme. Sometimes we ask ourselves, how is the theme of the birthday room and celebration chosen? Remember, the ADVENTICA family theme park has as many as 14 birthday rooms: for younger and older people, more for girls and adored boys. The theme and format of the birthday is created by the anniversary (birthday celebrator) or by the parents after all? Is the room chosen by a child or parents? You know what's most interesting - it's not the kids who spend most of their time in the birthday room, but their parents.

Birthday party food. We ourselves are not big fans of big feasts celebrating birthdays. But again, it's all up to you. Will the tables be loaded with snacks, will the food be decorated and matched with color, or will there be fruits and vegetables. Whatever you say, we'll tell you a secret ... Kids need: delicious pizza, delicious controlled sweets (and it really isn't necessarily a cake) and water. If you’ve never met and are planning to celebrate a birthday at ADVENTICA Park, be sure to ask what a donut cake is. Maybe for you it will be a good alternative? Children adore it and never have to carry leftovers because everything is eaten. Kids birthday party a lot, race, compete with friends. Children in general are a different species of humanity that consumes an incredible amount of energy. Be sure to take care of the water (though not necessarily, we always have it, so you won’t have to stretch it). And it would be good to have sweets. Have you seen kids crying as they walk out of theme parks? These are the tears and fads of fatigue. Children need to regain energy quickly. Water and cool. By the way, another important thing - unlike other places to celebrate birthdays, we do not tolerate alcohol consumption during the holidays. We remind you that the consumption of alcoholic beverages in front of children is also not allowed by law. Let us be an example that we can celebrate holidays without these things.

ADVENTICA birthday rules. In the family amusement park ADVENTICA we do not forbid to carry our food: meals and drinks (by the way, you will always find most of the things typical for the holiday in our park: coffee, juice, water, donuts, snacks, even warm daddy's pancakes). In any case, if you have already decided to take care of the food yourself, it is your choice - do not rush to carry food when you arrive at the park. Birthday carts are always available at reception for take-offs and birthdays. That's more convenient, isn't it?

Decorations. When organizing a birthday party, you will usually come across several formats - when decorating a birthday room is allowed and when it is forbidden. Our huge games room and amusement park are somewhere in the middle. We don’t bother to decorate, but depending on whether there are birthdays before and after your holiday, there may just not be time for that, as you usually have 15 minutes to prepare for the holiday. Do you know what the worst came up with? They book two birthdays in a row. Then time for both decoration and celebration wills. Is it worth devoting energy to decorating a room? We will leave it to you to decide. Some want the faces of those surprised guests, others want to look beautiful in the photographs, and the third creates an unforgettable celebration. And everyone can choose how to do it. Everything is a game!

Guests. How many and which guests to invite to the birthday? This question is always important before looking for a place for a birthday party, choosing a theme and the size of the birthday room. We recommend allowing the child to make their own list of guests. If necessary, you can always prompt: kindergarten or school friends, children playing together in the yard, brothers, sisters, cousins, cousins ​​and relatives, friends of groups or non-formal education activities, neighbors. Some birthdays are bigger, others smaller. However, if you are already planning to invite guests to your chosen location, be sure to check for flexibility in changing the number of people - options to accommodate more guests in the birthday room, options to move the birthday room up or down, cancellation or rescheduling due to unforeseen events. ADVENTICA Family Amusement Park offers all these options. You can find our birthday celebration rules and answers to the most frequently asked questions here - the most frequently asked questions about birthdays and their celebration.

Script (birthday scenarios). A lot of worries on the birthday! Meals and drinks, guests, arrival ... When planning a birthday, we recommend paying attention to some details:

  1. How do we welcome guests? They will come themselves, the jubilee will wait, refirai or all of you will come together into the birthday space. Do guests know where the party will take place and how to find the venue? How to get more convenient? Park the car? We always recommend coming to the ADVENTICA family theme park via underground parking on the -1 floor. You can park your car right next to the ADVENTICA park. You’ll get outside without going outside even if you’re only wearing pajamas or a themed suit.
  2. When and what will we eat? Snacks first and then a hot dish or vice versa - do we get full first and then have a snack? Birthday celebrants have different opinions on this issue. It is usually customary for the tables to be served with snacks and then eaten with pizza or another hot dish. Still, the opposite format turned out to us. First pizzas, and then snacks - mostly fruits and vegetables. In this case, those snacks are needed much less because the participants in the celebration are full. Less feast - less preparation. Less eating, more entertainment.

Animators. Need an animator for a birthday party? That depends on a number of things - how strongly the parents will be involved in the birthday party (going to the entertainment or constantly supervising the dinner tables), whether there is enough activity in the amusement park / playroom for children of different ages, or entertainment and fun. We will leave it here for you to decide. What we often hear from people who have ordered the services of an animator - we did not even have time to try the whole park. But maybe that's okay? Will there be an opportunity to come back again? More about the animators "Live Toys" who work in Adventica Park.

Invitations. How will the invited guests find out about the upcoming celebration? Apparently thanks to the invitation. The invitation can be a phone call or an email. There may also be a postcard painted by children - sincere, warm, creative. True, they will be needed a lot, because invitations are distributed to all guests, so it can be difficult to draw one for each. When booking a birthday room at the ADVENTICA Family Theme Park, we will include a link in the birthday confirmation letter to the ADVENTICA birthday invitation templates. Interestingly, people rarely read emails all the way through, which is why we get multiple requests to send invitations.

Thanks for attending the birthday. It is not a common practice. Although, agree that it would be quite fun to receive a letter after a birthday. We recommend and advise. Attach photos from your birthday in your thank you letter. Or maybe you just put the photo gallery on Facebook or Instagram? Then all you have to do is send the link to the guests. Well, every time we thank you for celebrating a birthday in our park. We are most pleased when you leave your feedback and comments - either in a letter or on social networks: Facebook and Google.

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