Beata Kurkul

From 17 April, 2023 to 7 May, 2023 we invite you to Beata Kurkul's exhibition "Fighting Ukraine". 23 of the artist's works will be exhibited in the central square inside the shopping centre OZAS). The exhibition is free of charge during the opening hours of OZAS shopping centre (10:00 - 21:00).


About the exhibition

In the distant future, legends will probably be created about those times. Of people and their feelings, of struggles and difficult choices, of love of land, city, country, language, culture, which led to the emergence of people of different faiths, attitudes and professions on the battlefields. But, for now, Ukraine continues to fight for its right to be a free country, to speak its own language, to cherish its culture and to live in peace.

The exhibition "Fighting Ukraine" will present works created from 2014, when the first phase of this terrible war began, until now. Some are based on Ukrainian mythology, which has taken on a new sound since 24 February 2022, some are portraits of real soldiers, some are representations of events. What unites all these works is the indestructible desire of Ukrainians to live and their readiness to fight for it to the end.


About the author - Beata Kurkul

The author of the exhibition is Beata Kurkul, a Lithuanian citizen who has been living and working in Kiev, Ukraine since 2008. Her main work is as a 2D artist and art-director in a Ukrainian computer game development studio. Since 2014, when the hybrid war with Russia started, Beata's husband has been volunteering. Beata helped and started to draw first Ukrainian border guards and then other military structures. Together with the Ukrainian Border Service, numerous exhibitions have been organised in various units across Ukraine, including in Mariupol (2016). Beata visited the war zone several times.
After Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, Beata stayed in Kiev and continues her work, drawing Ukrainian soldiers (including those who died). 
The main tools are a Wacom graphic tablet, Photoshop, iPad with Procreate, as well as traditional tools such as pencils, markers etc. Recently, Beata has started to use artificial intelligence in her work - the neural network MidJourney. The themes of her works vary from portraits to large compositions. One of the main elements that make her work recognisable to her fans are the clouds and light, which give the war-themed works a lightness and fantastical quality.


Patrons of the exhibition: OZAS, family entertainment center ADVENTICA.

The exhibition is supported by: IDDO, Print in Time.


To purchase works, please contact the exhibition curator Justas Gavėnas (+370 685 37666; [email protected]). All funds raised during the exhibition will be moved for charity organizations supporting Ukraine.

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