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You have most probably been to a climbing adventure park outside, in the open...Probably in Vilnius, maybe in Druskininkai or Jonava or elsewhere... Carabiner hooks, saddles, helmets, nets, platforms, knots, ropes, attachments and security tools...All this you can find in the family entertainment park ADVENTICA!

Climbing brings much happiness when the weather is nice. But what can we do when it rains, when it‘s cold, in autumn or winter? We moved climbing in trees, outdoor games and the entire playground under the roof and installed 55 meters of climbing courses with 9 obstacle track: climbing a net in the air, a monkey bridge above „the precipice“ with obstacles hanging in the air, a short pit stop, then a maze, a balance course, climbing up the net, a height tunnel crossing, a rope and even more adventures!

Safety of children – first, it is our highest priority, so this is an immediate warning: no exceptions. This obstacle course and climbing track is designed to children from 1.40 m high and for grownups. No compromises, no pans B. No negotiations even about one centimetre, for sure. We know this course will impress children, their will be sparkles in their eyes, however, we will rather return your money but not put safety and health of children under risk. Therefore, we always follow mandatory requirements of the manufacturer for participants of entertainment and adventures. Climbing tracks, obstacle course in the air in our park are installed so that children do not have to reattach carabine hooks and worry about security – all the way long from the start to the finish they are secured by a safety carabine on a special rope. We see off children and meet them at the finish. The only thing they need to do is to take obstacles and sometimes to overcome a fear of heights.

The courses are designed for physically active children and teenagers, and there are 3 observation platforms – “nests for teenagers”. Children from six years old and adults will simply love them!

Everything is a game! Including climbing routes for future alpinists and mountain enthusiasts in the ADVENTICA adventure park.

Your children are too small or climbing scares them? Please take a look at other options in our park for little ones.

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