Indoor playground

Can we say that we have the largest climbing and crawling site in Lithuania? Supposedly no... Yet...perhaps... The ground space of nearly 350 square meters and three levels. This climbing site of the family entertainment park ADVENTICA was built using over 500 sq. m of safety net, and the whole site takes almost 700 sq. m. At one time, around 200 children can rase in obstacle courses, look for an exit in the maze, climb and crawl, play and slide or jump!

In the colossal, observed by parents from all sides, safe and modern adventure and entertainment playground, children will discover over 10 amusements: see-saws, colourful slides of different sizes, pneumatic air shooting site with soft balls, safe trampolines, two-track slides to land on tires, and mazes. This is an outstanding playground under the roof which not for a moment is ever empty!

Clambering playground – a safe, interesting, educational maze of adventures and games, full of amusement for those who are willing to break loose. Shoot or swing? Climb or crawl? Play, slide or jump? Everything is a game. Let your children decide!

For children from 3 years old and up to 1.40 m high, but it happened to see moms and dads on level three! The height recommendation is for safety, for those who are higher would not get stuck or hurt themselves.

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